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If you’re looking for guidance about flooring for your organization, contact us! We can help you decide what type of flooring would work best for your high traffic spaces. First
of all, consideration must be given to durability, duration and cost. Beauty no longer needs to be compromised for durability; many of the latest hardwood, concrete, vinyl and
carpet looks are able to withstand high traffic and provide a lasting look!

Here at Kingston Carpetworld, we’ve worked with many clients over the years who have needed solutions for high traffic flooring in several different industries, including hospitality, healthcare, fitness and more.

Offering Professional Installations

We’re dedicated to full-service commercial flooring solutions! Commercial flooring is a big investment with a huge set of demands to live up to; the most important being durability. Whatever surface you chose, it must be able to withstand the never-ending foot traffic with minimal wear and tear, while maintaining its appeal, functionality and wear-resistance.

We carry commercial products from a variety of suppliers as found below.Please Contact Us to arrange a site inspection in order to discuss the most appropriate materials to suite your needs!

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